Promote an interoperable-system approach that creates built-in resilience in business ecosystems and IT solutions, especially to enable them to efficiently handle both crisis and non-crisis phases.

Ensure transformation from a technology-driven approach to a more robust and dynamic ecosystem model for a wider application.
Encourage a global, holistic and long-term view as opposed to short-term hype and fragmentation.

How to get there?

Provide conceptual support from a legal and business model perspective that ensures privacy, security and transparency in operations for better governance.

Improve the effectiveness of life cycle management during global transformation of business and public ecosystems, or guide the formation of such initiatives. In this regard, we support business model, legal, and partnering process through expert advice and proven methods (e.g. interoperability readiness analysis).

Help with road-map development for individual members or whole ecosystems from IT architecture and IT service development to ecosystem scoping, and corresponding cost-benefit estimation and change management.

Why us?

We are a think tank to foster ecosystem development through interoperability.
We have already successfully developed pilot projects – e.g. excalibur for interoperable contact tracing or unleash-future boats where green-tec, deep-tec and ecosystem requirements were successfully combined in a solution for the future of mobility on the water.

We were among the early birds to submit proposals for interoperability services infrastructure in crises and normal situations and multi-modal global logistics solutions –

We have an interdisciplinary team with vast experience across geographies and interest in global e-commerce, global multi-modal mobility systems (rail, road, maritime, air), foreign trade and investment, healthcare, (PPP) ecosystem partnering, and future automotive systems.