Roland Klueber

Holistic Business Ecosystem Thinker & “Innovation to Adoption” Expert
Business Informatics & Management Cybernetics
Business Developer & Serial Entrepreneur
Digital customer engagement & e-commerce expert


Arun S. Nair

Policy Specialist and Certified Corporate Director
Formerly Lawyer and Economic Policy Correspondent
Key areas of expertise and interest: Digital economy/E-commerce; Connectivity; International trade & investment; Government/regulatory Affairs; Policy research & analysis.


Lars Holger Engelhard

Founder of “unleash future” think tank
Cross-industry expert – shaping the future of tomorrow
Expert on Green Innovation, Green Technology, and Sustainable Prosperity at scale
Passionate about Technology and Fusion of Knowledge Fields


Jan Pflueger

Consultant for information and organizational management
Innovation Enabler & Future Solution Strategist
XR Digital Strategist & Emerging Technology Expert
Mentor and Transformation Advisor

contact: jan.pflueger@interoperability-association.netC